Friday, June 20, 2008

WWKiP Day 2008

I unfortunately went out camera-less on WWKiP Day on Jun 14, 2008 but seeing as I was supposed to bring two of my four small boys with me and I did remember to bring them a camera was a luxury item :)

This is how one non-metropolised Irish knitter celebrated. I brought my two big boys (5 years old) to “The Crafter’s Basket” in Sligo where we had yummy sandwiches and cake and bought a few small bits.

We then headed home via Enniskillen (the Asda shopping had to be done :) ) and stopped off to view Glencar Waterfall on the way. It was their first time to see a waterfall and they were entranced. They were thrilled too to be able to save a snail from almost-certain-doom when they moved him from the middle of the concrete path up to the waterfall and placed him safely in the grass :)

I then sat on a nice bench in the green area near the waterfall, and knitted for a while of course, my two snail-savers ran and raced.

They slept on the way home :)

I toyed with the idea of bringing them to Dublin on the train to meet the Dublin gang in St. Stephen’s Green but thought it was too adventurous and too much to expect them to sit for hours while I knitted. Plus, I was afraid it would rain :)

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Anonymous said...

ahhhh, how I love the sound of a waterfall, along with the glee of laughter and excitement of children....