Monday, February 18, 2008

Last ones for today - I promise

Better put up some snaps of Thomas


Happy Chappy

Funny Bunny

Finished Rorys bunny cardi to match his bunny hat :)

Cold weekend here. Icy fog never lifted all day yesterday. patrick is home from school sick today - keeps having high temp and generally not himself.

James and Patrick made a shelf system up yesterday :)

They were quite proud of the item as you can see :)

Friday, February 8, 2008

My first blog :)

I have finally come into the 21st Century - kicking and screaming. I was spurred on by my knitting friend form the US, Sara, when I saw hers and thought it was a great idea for keeping in touch with people.

I decided to put poor Rory in a Valentine's outfit yesterday and take some pics (as if I had none already ;)) Isn't he a happy chappy? I have to have something to embarass him with at his 21st birthday party.

It's a wet miserable day in Cavan today but at least it's almost the weekend. It was Ash Wednesday this week and James and Patrick came home from school with ashes on their foreheads. When asked what the ashes meant he replied "It means I can turn into anything I like - I became an alien" - cue lots of Power Ranger moves and grunts. I think the theological significance was kind of lost on him :)

I found some parcels in the bench outt he back yesterday that the postman had left and not told us. the rain had destroyed the fabulous pattern books I'd had sent from America (thank you Sara). I spent an hour with the hairdryer and thankfully the pages didn't stick but they're very ruffled looking. Could have been worse.

I was supposed to meet some friends in Kool Kids (playcentre) in Cavan today but due to illness they've postponed until next week. Suits better really as G and I are using one of our birthday vouchers for a meal out tonight - we're going to Lough Rynn. Should be yummy.

You'd know I was on maternity leave - bloggin all day (between the knitting)

I'm thrilled at the idea of a blog the more I think about it. The boys have said great things and gotten up to great divilment over the years and this will be a great place to catalogue it all from now on.

Oops - the boss is awake. Off to my son with me.